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A solid roof starts with high quality roofing materials.

Fall River is a city in one of America’s 13 original colonies. This city is as old as this country and the preservation of Fall River and the surrounding areas is a big deal. Since longevity is essential here, we want to make sure that we use roofing material that keeps with the tradition of perseveration. We want your home to be one of the many that last for years to come and this starts with a firm, stable roof. 

The Fall River Roofers use top of the line roofing materials to protect and preserve your roof and your family. Call one of our experts today for your free inspection and to determine the types of roofing materials are necessary to repair your roof. 

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A roof with asphalt roofing materials in Fall River, MA

Our High-Quality Roofing Materials & Types for Fall River Homes

Asphalt Roofing - The Affordable Roofing Solution

This type of roofing is the most cost effective and the most readily available material for most roofs.  The life span of asphalt shingles is approximately 20 years, which is one of the shortest lengths of time for any roof materials on the market.  However, because this is the least expensive roofing material, replacing it often is common.  This option is excellent if you reside in an area where storm or hail damage is typical, and you don’t want to invest in pricey roofing material that will be continuously battered by the elements.  It can easily be repaired if the weather damages it.  Do you have an asphalt roof that needs repairs, or are you considering switching to an asphalt roof? 

Contact one of our experts at The Fall River Roofers, and we will help you with your asphalt shingle roofing and provide you with a free quote. 

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Asphalt roof shingles in Fall River, MA
Slate roofing in Fall River, MA

Slate Roofing in Fall River

Slate roofs are beautiful, and they can last quite a long time – up to 100 years. A few drawbacks with this type of roofing material are as follows:  1) it can be quite pricey, 2) despite its ability to last a long time, it can be break easily if exposed to harsh elements, and 3) finding a roofing contractor skilled in this type is important. 

Luckily, The Fall River Roofers are skilled at installing and replacing such roof types. Call one of our contractors today to find out more about slate roofing and get your free estimate. 

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Cedar Shake Roofing - A Popular Roofing Option in MA

Cedar roofs have been around since colonial times.  It is a trendy roofing material and is also very beautiful. It is also very environmentally friendly and can last up to 50 years.  However, cedar shake roofing in Fall River can be high maintenance.  It is very vulnerable to discoloration from mold, mildew and algae, so it will need to be cleaned more often than most types of roofs. 

Also, because cedar is wood, it tends to expand and contract more than most other roofing materials, which causes screws and other fasteners to loosen, making the cedar shingles fall off the roof, exposing the roof to leaks. This is rare, but it does happen occasionally.  Do you have missing cedar shingles that you would like us to replace?  Contact one of our experts for your free inspection and estimate.

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cedar wood roof installation Fall River
Metal Roofing Fall River, MA

Metal Roofing - A Very Trendy Roofing Material in Fall River

Metal roofs are becoming a much more popular option for roofs, second to asphalt.  It is much more expensive than asphalt, but metal roofs can last for up to 70 years.  The length and durability of the metal offset the downside of expense. It is a very practical choice against the wind and wind damage, so it is becoming a much more popular choice in climates where damages from wind are more common.

Are you interested in replacing your roof with metal or having your metal roofing in Fall River MA repaired? Contact one of our friendly team members for a free quote. 

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Tile Roofing - The Long-Lasting Roof Option

Tile, which is usually made of concrete or clay, is a lovely, long-lasting roof material. It can withstand many powerful weather elements, including high winds. There are a few drawbacks with this material, however. One of them is that this is a hefty material, so the home must withstand the pressure from this weighty roofing material.

The other thing is that even though tile roofing on Fall River homes can last up to 100 years, it is still fragile and is subject to cracking. Repairing cracks in the tile roof is difficult but not impossible. This is why a professional must handle it to minimize further damage to other tiles and ensure that the tiles match. Do you need your tile roof repaired? Contact us today for your free repair estimate. 

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tile roof installation Fall River
Ruber and Flat roofing in Fall River, MA

Rubber & Flat Roofing in Fall River Area

Rubber roofs are one of the most hail resistant roofing materials on the market. It is a very excellent roofing material because most things that hit it bounce back off of it. Also, the elasticity of rubber roofs makes them last a long time. Just like asphalt, this type of roof is relatively easy to repair. 

Do you need your rubber roof repaired in Fall River?  Contact one of the experts at The Fall River Roofers for a free inspection and quote. 

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Roof Coatings - An Easy Alternative to Roof Replacement

Is your roof still in good condition, but you would like to extend its life a few more years?  Maybe you should consider coating your existing roof instead of replacing it.  Roof coating is not an alternative to roof repair, however.  If you have major roof problems, then you should invest in the appropriate fixes.  Not sure if you should have your roof coated or have your roof repaired? 

Let us help you make the best decision.  Call now to have one of our roof contractors come out and provide a free inspection on your roof to determine if we can coat your roof to solve your minor roof problems or if you need to have repairs. 

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Roof with coating in Fall River, MA
Plastic roofing in Fall River, MA

New, Eco-Friendly Plastic Roofing in Fall River

Plastic roofs in Fall River are becoming a popular choice because they are usually made from recycled materials and are eco-friendly. Even though it is an environmentally responsible roofing material and fire-resistant, it is not very long-lasting. Like asphalt, plastic roofing last approximately 20 years.

If you would like to have your plastic roof repaired or you are considering installing a much more eco-friendly roof, contact one of our roofing experts at The Fall River Roofers. We will provide you with a free estimate on your plastic roof.

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