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There is no time like the present to get a roof replacement in Fall River. Putting it off will only lead to more problems with the roof. For example, bad flashing and missing shingles can lead to leaks, damaging the roof's sheathing. The plywood will have to be replaced, but there may be a need for mold remediation on the interior and drywall replacement. Instead of letting these problems get out of hand, getting roof replacement sooner rather than later can prevent a lot of expensive costs.

The Fall River Roofers contractors can inspect your roof and determine if you need a roof replacement. Are you ready? Click the button below to get started on your FREE quote on roof replacement in Fall River.

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What's Involved in Roof Replacement in Fall River

Why would you need a roof replacement in Fall River? Roofs can last for quite a while. Asphalt roofs can last up to 20 years, while metal roofs can last nearly 100 years. Despite the longevity of roofs, there may be hidden problems with your roof that may have compromised it, causing you to need a roof replacement.

For instance, asphalt roofs may develop mold or lichen on them, which can compromise the roof. These microorganisms grow on roofs, mainly when there is moisture present, and they can shoot roots through the shingles into the roof sheathing. As they grow, they can loosen shingles allowing for moisture to get between the sheathing and the shingle, resulting in damage to the plywood and leaking.

Another threat to shingles is black algae which are also known as Gloeocapsa magma. This looks like a black stain on the roof. However, it is a microorganism that grows and feeds on asphalt roofs, removing the UV granules which help protect the shingles and deflect the sun. Once these are gone, the shingles can become brittle and break, exposing the decking to moisture and eventually leading to leaks.

When this happens on a massive scale, you will have to have your entire roof replaced. Roof replacement can involve simply replacing the roofing materials. Or, it can include replacing the roof decking, the roofing materials, the roof flashing, gutters, and more, depending on how much damage is present.

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When Is A Good Time To Get Roof Replacement in Fall River?

The Fall River Roofers can replace your roof at any time of the year. Our experts can remove the presently damaged roof, replace the sheathing if necessary and put on new shingles. We can also remove the old shingles and replace them with new roofing material. For instance, if you currently have asphalt shingles and want to switch over to tile shingles, we do this also.

Even though we can replace your roof at any time, getting your roof replaced during mild weather months is a good idea. This allows you to get your roof energy-efficient to deal with high energy costs that could arise in the summer or winter. In terms of savings and minimizing delays, spring and winter could be an excellent time to get your roof repaired too. Unfortunately, summer is one of our busiest seasons. While anytime is a good time to replace your roof as long as it is not storming or snowing, taking advantage of certain seasons can reduce wait times significantly.

Before you decide on when to replace your roof, contact us first to perform an inspection. This will allow us to uncover if there are immediate problems that need to be addressed. Then, our highly skilled roofing contractors can work with you to determine the best time to schedule your roofing service in Fall River.

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Do You Need Commercial Roof Replacement in Fall River

Are you a business in the Fall River area that also needs a roof replacement? We can help! Depending on the type of roofing material your business currently has, your commercial roof may last anywhere from 15 - 50 years. If you have a metal roof, it may last up to 100 years. However, many companies have flat roofs which could last up to 25 years.

These roofs may need to be replaced sooner than their life expectancy if water doesn't properly drain and puddles form on the roof. The pools of water that don't seem to disappear after a rainstorm can cause severe damage to the roof and even lead to leaks in the building. These leaks can put your employees and customers at risk for slips and falls.

Don't neglect your commercial roof. Press the button below or give us a call to get started with your free quote on commercial roof replacement in Fall River.



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