What Should Be Included in Your Roofing Estimate in Fall River

May 2, 2022

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When working with a roofing contractor, it is a good idea to work with someone reputable in the community. Most reputable contractors will provide you with a written estimate of repairs your roof needs, not just verbal quotes. A written estimate allows you to properly do your research, comparing one roofer to another and noticing the differences and similarities in what they are offering. Upon discovering what each roofer offers from their estimates, you can narrow down who you prefer to work with to complete your roofing repair or replacement. So what exactly should your roofing estimate include? Read on to learn more about the different components a roofer may include in your roofing estimate in Fall River.

What is a Roofing Estimate?

A roofing estimate is a way for a roofing contractor to spell out the details of the work they plan to do on your house. It is not set in stone and could fluctuate in price throughout the project depending on the damages they may find while making repairs. But it will give you a general idea of how much you may look forward to paying once roofers complete the job. While this initial estimate may not be what you pay in the end, it should be very close to it. Most roofing contractors may be off by 10 to 15 percent. Owens Corning provides a sample of what a roofing contract may look like.

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What Items Will You See on a Roofing Estimate in Fall River?

A professional roofing company will aim to provide you with a quality roofing experience. This includes a written estimate that spells out the details of their work. For simple repairs, your estimate may not be very detailed. However, if you have extensive work that the roofers need to do to your house, you can expect that the estimate will be more comprehensive. Here are some of the items you may see on your roofing estimate in Fall River. 

Company Info

One of the most important things you should notice on your roofing estimate near the top is the information about the company itself. You may see items like the name, address, phone number, website, the company’s logo, and whatever else they want to share with you.

License and Insurance Coverage

In addition to the company information, you may see the license and insurance information. If you don’t see this information listed on the estimate, it may be a good idea to request it from the company before they start the work. Remember that if the company isn’t insured or properly licensed and the state or local government requires it, you could be liable for damages or injuries that the workers sustain. 

Cost Breakdown

One of the most critical features of the estimate is the cost breakdown. This gives you a ballpark of how much each item will cost. This could include materials costs, labor costs, and permit costs. It could also include the cost of the cleanup if this is a service that they provide. 

Work Timeline

Another critical component that an estimate includes is the breakdown of the timeline. Depending on what you are having done to your roof, the timeline could range from less than a day to several days. The type of roof you’re having installed could lengthen the timeline. And if you have to have structural repairs such as new framing or decking, this could make a project last up to a week or more.

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Cleanup Details

Roof replacement can be messy, especially if the roofers have to remove the current roof. This section of the estimate will include details about how roofers will discard the debris. They may have to order a roll-off dumpster for a while. You may have to be responsible for these costs. 

Guarantees and Warranties

This section of the estimate will be one of the most detailed. It will include the guarantee of workmanship. Additionally, it will offer details about the warranties for the work itself and the materials used. 

Payment Info

This section will be different from the cost section. Instead of itemized prices, it will include information about how to pay. For example, you may have to pay a certain amount up front to start the work and the final cost at the end. There may also be a section that lists the types of payments they take, such as checks, credit cards, wire transfers, debit cards, etc. 

Contingency Section

There may also be a section in your estimate that details how roofers will handle a change of plans or add-ons. For instance, you may not have wanted gutters when you started the project, but now you do. Or you may have thought you wanted black asphalt shingles, but now you want a lighter color. There may be a section that lists details about such changes and additional costs you may incur.

Dissolution Information 

This section may be referred to as the termination clause. It will spell out why the contractor or you can end the contract without penalty if either party determines that there is a violation. 

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These are some of the items you may see on your roofing estimate. This doesn’t mean that your roofing estimate will include all of these details. Likewise, your roofing estimate may consist of more information than those included here. In many cases, roofing companies offer a roofing estimate at no charge. But you may have to pay for a roofing inspection. Are you ready for The Fall River Roofers to prepare your roofing estimate? Call (508) 433-3320 today to get your no-obligation, risk-free roofing estimate. 

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